Helpful Tips


Here is some helpful tips to help make your community built project a success!

  • Designate committee members to recruit volunteers.
  • Solicit financial support and in kind donations to make your day more enjoyable (see list below). You will be surprised how many groups in town are willing to help a good cause!
  • Find out what permits you will need and allow adequate time in your schedule to obtain them.
  • Underground utilities can complicate builds, find out early if there are utility lines in a prospective site.
  • Make contingency plans for bad weather. Have contact lists ready for each day of the build, if bad weather strikes be prepared to notify volunteers and all those involved in the project (i.e. restaurants/catering services providing food)
  • The most common problem on build day stems from bad scheduling. Keep work flowing smoothly by making sure enough volunteers are signed up for each shift. Avoid frontloading the schedule (more volunteers on one shift than not enough on the next) You need to make sure your volunteers show up and that you have plenty of work for them to do.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate your success!!  


We will supply all tools for your community built project. You need to supply:

  • Enough strong bodies to build your playground
  • Bags of Quickcrete
  • Water source for concrete
  • Paving bricks for footing


Here is a basic list of suggested items you may want to have on hand to make this a fun and enjoyable day for your volunteers:

  • Drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, water, juice, soda, etc.)
  • Plastic cups, paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils
  • Trash receptacles
  • Snacks (pretzels, chips, fruit, cookies, energy bars, etc.)
  • Meals
  • Serving trays
  • Condiments
  • Clean-up materials
  • Portable restroom facilities
  • Tables and chairs
  • Signs
  • Balloons
  • Tent or canopy
  • Name tags and markers
  • Sign-up sheets
  • Registration booklets
  • Hats
  • Information/welcome flyers
  • Recognition banners

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